Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp (Above ground level)

When Penetrating Damp occurs above ground level, it is usually caused by bad, broken or damaged pointing or render. In the case of bad pointing, the simplest remedy is to re-point the affected area. This is very inexpensive and more often than not, works. When a house is rendered and the render is damaged, bigger problems are caused by water seeping into cracks that can be of any size. At this point the water will usually seep into the brick or block work behind the render and slowly penetrate through to the inside of the property. This is much more difficult to stop and is usually quite costly. We have Tanking Slurries and other water repellent chemicals that will often reseal the property and reinstate its water tight integrity. As always, we conduct a full site survey and will advise on the most probable cause of a problem and give solid advice on the best, most practical and cost effective solution.

Penetrating Damp (Below Ground Level)

Penetrating Damp on rooms or areas below ground level is typically caused by rain or other water sources landing on the ground and seeping through the surface and on to the bricks of the building below ground level. In the same way as described above, water will penetrate the brick and rooms below ground can become very wet… Even unusably wet.  Don’t worry!!! We can dry out almost every cellar, bunker, or subterranean room with the use of various permanent treatments. This is much like building a swimming pool but in reverse. I have built a swimming pool and three subterranean rooms that are available for any potential client to view and critique. All three of the rooms are well below the water table and yet are as dry as any normal house room. Different treatments can be discussed at the survey stage.

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